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Santiam Canyon Jr|Sr High School – Freres Family Gymnasium – Modernization

Santiam Canyon Jr|Sr High School + Freres Family Gymnasium


50,000 SF

Bond Commitments

  • HVAC system upgrades
  • Safety and security upgrades
  • Construction of new JR | SR High
    School building:
    ▪ Admin spaces | Library | Core
    education spaces | Culinary Arts |
    Health spaces | Common areas |
    Science classrooms
  • New Auxiliary Gym
    ▪ Locker rooms | One regulation court
  • 1,950 SF Elementary School Cafeteria

In December 2018, Superintendent Todd Miller unveiled a vision for the future of Santiam Canyon School District, aiming to replace aging facilities with a modern campus.

Traditional two-story school designs proved costly, prompting HMK Company to suggest factory-built classrooms, which promised significant cost savings of approximately $100 per square foot. This solution enabled the community to support a $17.9 million bond measure in May 2019.

HMK and Soderstrom Architects oversaw the extensive process of cost assessments and design work, resulting in over 50,000 square feet of educational space. The project involved demolishing the old classrooms and constructing three new classroom buildings, a student commons, science labs, culinary science classrooms, a new auxiliary gymnasium, and campus reconfiguration for enhanced safety.

Additionally, the elementary school saw renovations, including the conversion of a covered play area into a commons and cafeteria utilizing Mass Plywood Panel (MPP) construction. The savings realized by this innovative approach allowed for the transformation of the learning environment to align with community values. The adverse building conditions of the old facility such as moisture, poor ventilation, structural deterioration, and tired interior finishes were addressed by this new community focal point, which has significantly improved the student learning experience.

The gymnasium was a highlight of the bond program, offering space for PE and sports practice for 300 students. It features a full-sized competition court with retractable bleachers, team rooms, and an aesthetically pleasing design using Freres Lumber’s MPP to incorporate wood elements, reflecting the community’s timber industry heritage.

The Santiam Canyon School District is one of the first to use Freres Lumber Co.’s Mass Ply Panel [MPP] in a school setting, and the first to use Mass Play Lam in a long-span format. The MPP for this project was pre-manufactured for zero waste and a quicker build, saving the school time and money.

Freres Lumber is proud to have been part of this school improvements + upgrades for their community + students. Freres, HMK, the district, community members and all industry partners look forward to this building standing the test of time for generations to come.

The project team’s “think outside the box” approach resulted in a brilliant 21st century learning environment. We are always looking for innovative ways to build quality schools; MPP is the latest new technology to accomplish that.

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