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Bond program

This bond ensures students have the opportunity to learn in a safe, up-to-date environment, and preserve school facilities as long term assets.

Dayton is a growing community that values a strong educational system with a rural sense of caring and teamwork, and therefore has been supportive of their schools which have an enrollment of about 1,015 students. The buildings were built in 1936, 1950, 1969, and 2010. Bonds approved for infrastructure improvements in 1999 and 2009 increased capacity, which improved the educational offerings. 

While District staff prioritize maintaining current facilities so that they are safe and productive learning environments, many structures are in need of significant repairs and maintenance that cannot be accomplished within the regular operating budget. The District will use the bond funds and grants to finance basic large-scale repairs, remove safety hazards, and make schools more energy efficient which will reduce facility operating expenses and allow more funds to be spent on education.

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