We are a legacy company

Our history

David and Karen McKay reopened HMK Company in 2013 following Willamette Education Service District closing the Project Solutions Group (PSG).  David joined WESD in 2002 to build a Project Management Group to provide project management services to Oregon K12 school districts. HMK’s reopening continued a service based business model providing Oregon K12 school districts project management services.

Every decision that we make takes into consideration the long term impact on the facilities. We seek to build all buildings to be long lasting – durable – easy to maintain.

Our growth has been deliberate, building upon successful projects. We believe that we are only as good as our last project.

Our goal, when hired by a school district, is to lighten the Capital Project load on the client’s staff. We recognize that they already have a full time job. To this end, we have assembled a team of talented project professionals who carry the weight of the project from administrative tasks to budgeting, procurement, project accounting, project management, and planning. We have skilled team members and have established project processes to assist in every aspect of the management of the project or program.

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core values


Legacy has two meanings for us. The first is as a company: How are we ensuring that experience and expertise is continued to the next generation of HMK. We partner Senior level Project Managers with younger Project Managers, as a collaborative mentorship program. Secondly, when we design and build new schools, we view the projects as legacy projects. In other words, each project will serve students long after we retire. Most school buildings, in Oregon, are required to last 50-70 years. Our decisions needs to meet the current education program, but be cognizant of the long-term impact.


School buildings are very complex and require feedback from many stakeholders from the jurisdiction, school district, school administrators, teachers, students and community. Additionally, the design team and contractors play an incredible role in fulfilling the vision of the district. The success of a project is determined by the cohesiveness of the team. HMK values the voices of all the stakeholders and facilitates a process that ensures there is representation from all of the groups and implements processes to ensure the project team (Owner, Design Team and Contractor) implement that vision

humility, genuineness, transparency

Humility, Genuineness and Transparency are critical traits that support the mission of the program and contribute to the team atmosphere.

Today’s buildings are very complex, humility is critical to finding the right expert for the project and admitting when the answer isn’t known. The buildings we are a part of will last 50-75 years and should not be negatively impacted by a lack of humility.

Genuineness is a requirement of participation in projects. If we are not genuine in our discussion and, particularly in design meetings, then we are dishonest. These negative traits do not foster a team environment nor contribute to the critical teamwork aspect that will ensure a project that will meet the owner’s needs.

Transparency is a crucial.
Transparency with expectations, outcomes and decisions. It is a disservice to withhold these from stakeholders.

Additionally, the community has committed to support the school district’s for the last several decades. It is a core value of ours to communicate the message of the district and update the community on their investment. This includes design and construction updates as well as local contractor participation.