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We are dedicated to providing expert capital project management, and carrying the load so you don’t have to.

Capital Project Management - How we do it - HMK Company

long lasting.
easy to maintain.

Through creating environments conducive to success and a passion for serving our clients, we operate on these promises:

Every capital project should outlive the current generation and be provision for the next, through ensuring sustainable practices, building standards, and education standards.

Consistent communication and alignment of project goals, budgets, and construction phase updates|from concept to completion.

Long lasting, durable, and cost effective building materials and methods; ensuring the district can easily maintain facilities.

Investment in local economy through keeping taxpayer dollars in your community.

The complexities of your capital project are removed, by leveraging our diverse experience and streamlining the process. We carry the load, resulting in minimal impact on the district.


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our process

Pre Bond

HMK listens to the program needs of the district and develops solutions, begins planning, reviews site conditions, strategizes, generates solutions, and communicates the bond promise to the community.

Bond Pass

HMK facilitates the selection process of design professionals. After the bond passage, HMK works with the district’s financial institution, underwriters, bond council, legal counsel, and school board.

Design Phase

HMK facilitates the design phase by ensuring the educational program, building standards, and sustainability standards are included in the design and within budget. User groups are implemented, consisting of teachers, coaches, facility members and staff, district members, students, and community members.

Bid Day

General contractors bid the project. HMK facilitates the bidding and award process.

Construction Phase

HMK ensures that all three standards of the educational program, building standards, and sustainability standards are met, budget, schedule, design is implemented, and quality control.


Punchlist, as-built, contractor walk+through, owner receives O&M (Operations and Manuals), district receives training, and the building is commissioned.

We manage every aspect of your capital project

HMK brings quality into each project through ensuring the highest building standards, budgets met, on time completion, transparent communication, and consistent process from start to finish.

we find solutions

Achieved through partnerships with our clients to ensure a final result that meets standards and expectations.