"HMK Company made a commitment to the Greater Albany Public Schools to provide great value and strive for the engagement of local businesses within a 25-mile reach of Albany. Their approach towards outreach of local businesses while maintaining nonpreferential treatment has been not only unique but highly successful. The result to date has been over 50% of our contracts being awarded to local area business. Having worked with numerous Construction management firms over my 35 year career, I find HMK Company to be outstanding in the work they do. They are thorough and tough yet consistent and fair. At Gerding Builders, we appreciate their approach towards the tight management and oversight of our community’s dollars and the projects they are funding. For these reasons, I highly recommend the services of David McKay and the Team of HMK Company."
Tom Gerding
President, Gerding Builders LLC
"HMK company listened and had a clear understanding of our needs and values. They held all contractors accountable and kept on time and on budget."
Troy Stoops
Mt. Angel School District
"I've worked with HMK for over 10 years. During our recent $16,000,000 project, HMK had an attention to detail in everything: design, materials, communication, and reporting. I would never hesitate to recommend HMK to anyone who has a large capital project."
Russ Allen
Superintendent, Greater Albany Public School District
"Even with an aggressive schedule, HMK company was committed to finishing our project on time and on budget. We greatly appreciated their consistent and open communication during the entire project."
Dr. Dave Novotney
Superintendent Willamette Education Service District
"The members of our team and myself enjoyed working with HMK Company and appreciated their pragmatic approach to the design and construction process. The team possessed excellent leadership skills and had the ability to keep people focused on the tasks at hand in a non-confrontational manner. The good of the project and the client always seemed to be at the forefront of their thinking."
Todd Turner
AIA, BBT Architects Principal/Architect
"Our experience with HMK has been nothing but positive. They have always been very professional and timely in responses to our audit requests. Additionally, they have been very patient in explaining the details of these projects to both myself and my staff in understandable terminology. I highly recommend HMK Company. They provide top-notch project management services."
Christopher Cockburn
CPA Cockburn & McClintock, LLC.