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We are specialists. With a high degree of expertise, we are a natural advocate for our clients in the area of construction management services. We understand the planning, design, and construction process from many different perspectives – and that ultimately it isn’t just about buildings, but about creating structures and environments that are set up for future generations to thrive.

We believe that projects are more than just projects - they are investments in the future.

Pre-Bond Planning

As an approved OSCIM certified facility assessor, HMK can provide assistance to districts with facility assessments and long range facility plans.

Budget Management

We proactively work with the Owner, design and construction teams to ensure that the established financial goals are met and result in project success. This includes independent estimating and design modification when necessary, as well as negotiating change orders that are fairly priced. We also spend time looking at more economical ways to procure project services and products. Our approach is to start with the best practices we have developed over 25 years of experience. We then adapt to the particular needs of the project and execute with diligence and discipline.

Design Service Procurement

By utilizing a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process that matches designers with the Owner, we have developed an effective process to facilitate the design services selection. This includes the Request for Proposal (RFP), agreement between the Owner and Architect, scoring of the RFP response and interview process. As one of the first steps in the building cycle, it dictates most of what follows. Design services represent a small percentage of the overall project cost, yet their relative high impact on the quality, budget and schedule outcomes is paramount. Each step of the way HMK team members lead the District through a thoughtful selection process that enables them to hire highly qualified firms with extensive K12 experience to design their projects.

Constructability Review

These services are designed to achieve the lowest possible project bid and minimize the chances of change orders and claims after construction begins. Constructability Reviews involve reviewing contract documents and identifying potential claims or problem areas that may occur during the construction phase of a project. This process ensures the documents are complete, prior to bidding, and that the bidders can accurately estimate the components that make up the final product. By placing additional emphasis on the quality of the construction documents, we reduce costly changes in the field during construction.

Construction Services

As project managers, we have well defined project processes that enable us to consistently deliver quality facilities for our clients. Our team of project professionals facilitate a number of the processes that ensure the Owner’s goals are met or exceeded. These include bidding management and award, schedule compliance, quality assurance, financial tracking and change order negotiating, essential documentation and record keeping, Mechanical and Lighting Control commissioning services, envelope consultant services, closeout and warranty management, and consistent project leadership throughout the construction phase.

Communication Methods

HMK believes that the foundation to project success is communication. We utilize numerous tools to consistently communicate the various aspects of the project, such as monthly bond reports that include project progress, schedule and budget. We leverage social media platforms, by posting project updates that enable your community to experience the project progress during each phase, highlighting industry partnerships and local economy investments. We host School District bond landing pages, providing bond-related information for community accessibility. Additionally, we can produce monthly community bond newsletters as well as targeted information videography.

Furniture, Fixtures, And Equipment (FF&E) And Move Management Services

Our FF&E Department specializes in supporting the design and development of functional and flexible spaces that align with each client’s unique vision. Along each project’s journey we guide clients through global space design, detailed furniture and equipment selections, a structured procurement process, and full-service product installations and set up.

Owner Consultants | Ancillary Design Consultants

There are numerous design disciplines involved in projects, such as Geo-Technical Engineers, Topographical survey, Envelope consultants, and Commissioning Agents.  Many are part of the Architects team and a number are independent contracts with the Owner. HMK has developed RFP documents for these various design consultants to procure services early in the process.


HMK Company has extensive expertise in evaluating potential incentives for Energy Conservation from numerous sources including: SB1149 and Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) as well as additional incentives offered by utility companies throughout the State. We will work with the District to obtain incentives available for these projects.

Value Engineering

There is a fine line between Value Engineering and Cost Cutting. Value Engineering seeks alternatives to products and building methods that enhance the durability of the building or reduces operational costs. It is an iterative process of working with the district, design team, project manager and general contractor. We begin with revisiting the initial Program Implementation Plan to clarify the program. With the program understood, we revisit the components that may have deviated from the original plan. Once the deviations have been aligned with the plan, we evaluate the quality, function, life, and appearance of the required features of the facility to maximize value without reducing quality below required goals and standards.

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