meet our team

We are dedicated to long-term partnerships, and value teamwork as a foundation – which we find leads to environments created for success.

Albany Office

David McKay

CEO | Co-Owner
David has over 45 years of construction experience with the last 26 years focused on serving Oregon K12 Districts and other local government groups as an Owners Project Manager. Throughout David's career, he has worked with 102 Oregon and 15 Washington School Districts. He was the initiator of the legislation that has become the OSCIM Grant. As CEO, David's responsibility for leading the HMK team is fueled by his passion for shepherding HMK's public clients through concept to completion project process that enables them to make legacy decisions that will serve their needs for 50 - 60 years.

In his spare time, David enjoys working on his property with his wife and grandchildren, hiking, and kayaking.

Karen McKay

Co-Owner | CFO | H/R
With a finance background and focus on financial advising, a love of numbers and accounting reports, Karen oversees the financial and HR side of HMK. She enjoys working with numbers, reading financial reports, and balancing.

In her free time, Karen looks forward to gathering for family dinners with kids and grandchildren, playing with her two English labs, working on the property and gardening, and quilting.
Chris McKay - Program Director - HMK Company

Chris McKay

Program Director
Chris runs HMK's Southern Oregon Office, overseeing the programs under management, as well as working on marketing and business development. He brings a thorough understanding of ORS, ORA and applicable public bidding requirements. His problem solving skills further develop company processes to guide programs through completion, along with developing courses for solving owner's challenges, and during construction with logistical problems.

In his free time, Chris enjoys reading, experiencing exceptional food, and playing baseball.

Skip Hamilton, CCM

Senior Project Manager
With 35 years experience in design and construction, Skip provides project management services in the capacity of Owner's Representative, to the HMK team and its clients, along with facilitating in the creation and management of standard operating processes for the company as a whole. What he enjoys most about his work at HMK is the collaborative and transparent work culture, where the team is equipped to leverage each specific skill and temperaments to achieve common goals for the company, and needs of clients.

Skip's favorite hobby is whatever it takes to live life with his wife, and help make their church flourish and grow. Free time to read the Scriptures, pray and innovate are personal favorite pass-times.

Steve Earle, CCM

Senior Project Manager
Dedicated to serving the needs of the client, Steve manages a team of construction and design professionals, ensuring projects are completed within the time, scope, and quality requirements. Alongside the opportunity for constant improvement both personally and professionally, he values serving the needs of the owner as well as building strong relationships within the program community and team, and prioritizes developing leadership skills and strategizing more efficient ways to organize and execute a program.

Outside of work and investing in the community, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, going to the beach, and skiing.

Emily Valdez

FFE Coordinator | Education Liaison
Emily has served as a district administrative point person for seven major projects in the past three years including “Concept to Completion” work on two new elementary school buildings. She brings 20 years of experience in education to support school districts in ensuring their vision, design, and academic programming are aligned through the entire process. Being able to support the creation of purposeful and powerful spaces designed for optimal learning opportunities makes this work meaningful to her.

Emily is an avid reader and researcher and loves digging into meta-analysis, making connections between concepts and phenomena. She also loves going to concerts and musicals with her family.

Paul Chamberlin

Project Manager
Paul's role at HMK involves planning, and overseeing a team to execute work to achieve specific goals and criteria at the specified time. With over 5 years of project management experience as a computer network engineer, Paul brings a unique insight into how IT fits into constructing today's modern projects. He enjoys the satisfaction of providing expertise in details that play into the larger picture of making a difference.

On the weekends, Paul enjoys spending time with his newborn son and wife.

Amelia Cecchini

Project Manager
With 5+ years of vertical construction/project management accompanied by an MBA focused in Management, Amelia has multiple years of experience working on occupied campuses, as well as experience in civil engineering and design. She loves the variety of projects and people she gets to work with. Her favorite aspects include working with project teams, from the architect to the contractor, to produce a quality finished product that meets the expectations and standards of the owner.

Outside of work, Amelia enjoys antiquing, wine tasting, and cooking up new recipes!

Stephen McKay

Project Administrator
Stephen, with a background in cooking and event management, brings a unique set of management skills to the HMK team. With experience in managing a kitchen as lead line cook, he now assists project managers with various tasks including the management of contracts and procurement, running background checks, consolidating monthly budget reports, and other administrative tasks that help keep HMK operating. He most enjoys the fact that he has a direct impact on the school and community through his work, with new challenges every day.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys playing Disc Golf, hiking, and swimming in rivers and lakes.

Ethan Valdez

As an intern, Ethan is learning alongside the rest of the HMK team while helping where needed: assisting project managers with daily tasks, offering input during brainstorming sessions, and collaborating on technological work spaces. As a current student, he brings a timely perspective to what works well in planning spaces, as well as a lens for what may be practical. His favorite part about HMK is seeing projects come together through the team approach.

In Ethan's free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and working on his car. He plays several sports, video games, and board games as well.

Anna Chamberlin

Project Administrator
With a unique set of management skills, Anna's role at HMK includes assisting project managers with various tasks such as the management of contracts and procurement, running background checks, consolidating monthly budget reports, and many other administrative tasks that help keep HMK running. Her previous experience in cafe and event management lend an eye for budget goals, exceeding sales, and building relationship as a company within the community.

Anna's perfect day is one spent at the beach hiking along the coastline with her husband and son, or sitting in a cafe relaxing with a slice of cake and coffee.

Sean Yoder

Project Accountant
Sean brings a broad base of accounting experience to HMK, and bridges the gaps between financial numbers and projects - as well as between school districts and HMK. He has over 20 years experience working in both education accounting environment and private industy, and truly gets the most satisfaction in solving financial puzzles that make sense to the end user.

Outside of work, Sean enjoys the outdoors - whether it be hiking or taking long scenic drives.

Medford Office

Mike Freeman

Regional Director
From helping guide the design through construction process, Mike's skills in technical and problem solving are key strengths in collaborating with the owners, designers, and contractors. His degree in Mechanical Engineering and 12 years in the manufacturing industry as a Project Engineer lend perspective needed when facing challenges, especially in an ever-changing environment. Mike enjoys establishing relationships and and seeing the successful completion of a project, along with the value it brings to the community.

Outside of work, Mike loves spending time with his wife and daughters, experiencing all of the great activities that Oregon has to offer.

Richard Randleman

Senior Project Manager
Through observing work to ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and quality expectations, Richard enjoys working with clients to ensure their projects are successful. He loves the reward of collaborating with experts to resolve issues, and has a can-do attitude that recognizes that no issue is insurmountable. With over 20 years of experience of project management ranging from large IT projects and commercial structures to public highways, Richard knows how to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Richard loves camping with his family, hiking, and mountain biking. He also recently took up sailing and has enjoyed learning how to rig and maneuver a boat.

Joshua Whitaker

Project Manager
With a varied background of hands-on construction, project and structures engineering experience, a degree in Civil Engineering, and strong attention to detail, Josh's role at HMK is to provide clients with a reliable commitment to guiding a project through completion with an emphasis on maintaining schedule and budget requirements. He enjoys serving the client/community by helping to ensure that project flow and overall outcome is as intended by strategically overcoming challenges associated with managing a project, and appreciates the constant visual gratification that comes with seeing a project continually transition as it grows from an idea to fruition.

In his free time, Josh enjoys spending time with family and friends. With a love for the outdoors, he also enjoys activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, riding motorcycles/atvs, boating - along with working around the farm and wrenching on classic cars.

Brandon Reid

Project Manager
With 10+ years of in-field construction with general contracting, estimating, and subcontracting, Brandon's expertise at HMK is to oversee and turn over a quality, cost effective project, within the client's time bounds. He enjoys the interactions with contracting professionals, the team-work, the challenges, the pride of being a part of great builds and the service it takes to produce a great project for clients.

On the weekends, Brandon enjoys hiking.

Steve Simmons

Project Engineer
With previous project management experience in concrete reinforcement of commercial structures and towers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve brings an expertise in providing project administration through drafting and managing all contract procurements. Steve greatly enjoys the satisfaction of making the construction management and invoicing process easy for project managers and clients by guiding them through the processes to make their vision of a new construction or remodel come to life.

Having grown up in the desert, Steve loves exploring the beautiful, naturally green landscape of Oregon with his wife and two young children, through new hiking destinations or parks and attractions that they've never been to.

Kristi Nelson

Project Administrator
Kristi's role at HMK requires a high level of communication and coordination with project managers, clients, and vendors - along with a variety of administrative tasks that help keep the office running. With more than thirteen years experience as an administrative professional in education, she has a proven track record of maintaining efficient office operations, prioritizing and completing goals. Kristi finds it a privilege to be part of a team that shares common values and works together to make a positive impact in our communities.

On the weekends, Kristi enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, walking their dogs, reading, and gardening.

Bend Office

Chad Franke

Regional Director
Coming from a background of acting as owner's representatives, working on small projects involving development of senior living facilities, Chad brings experience that aids in ensuring projects stay within scope, on time, and within budget at HMK. He greatly enjoys working with all people, from school districts to sub contractors - earning their trust with the assurance that we will provide the best service to meet the goals at hand.

Chad enjoys playing golf - and though he plays more than most, it's not as often as he would like. Alongside golf, he'll take any chance to be outdoors.

Drew Rouse

Project Engineer
Drew assists the project manager in all Redmond School District bond work to ensure organized and complete work that best serves the community. Drew's background in construction and low voltage electrical work allows him to provide key insight on access controls and HVAC projects. He loves being able to serve a community and have a part in creating a better school district which benefits those affected now and in the future.

In his free time, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife and dog being outside and exploring all the great things about Central Oregon.