Phoenix Government and
Public Safety Center Project

The Phoenix Government and Public Safety Center Project consists of the construction of a new combined city facility, replacing the Phoenix Fire Station (JCFD 5 Station 3) that was destroyed by the Almeda Fire in September 2020, and the existing City Hall and Police Station buildings.

Oregon House Bills 5006 and 5202 fund in the amount of $16,338,000 were allocated to construct the building with a $240,000 match comprised of insurance and FEMA proceeds.

The new building will utilize the existing footprint of the City of Phoenix City Hall, Fire Station, and Police Station, while increasing the total square footage to 21,600 through the utilization of a second story. The construction of a 2-story building reduces the footprint of the public safety program while eliminating unnecessary land acquisition costs in contrast to multiple single-story buildings.

This project will allow the City of Phoenix and JCFD 5 to efficiently collocate and stretch resources, significantly enhancing and expanding public safety and community improvement programs.
As the floor plans depict, the multi-use layout will not only provide a local presence for multiple agencies and functions, it also increases the level of disaster preparedness by serving as an emergency operations center and community learning center for inservice training, CPR, CERT, and public meetings.


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