Ashland Middle School

Ashland Middle School


Spring 2019 - Fall 2022


65,000 SF

Bond Commitments

  • Replace/rebuild Ashland Middle School to
    promote modern learning and
    operational efficiency
  • Design of new classroom space to
    replace three wings, approx. 65,000 sq. ft.
  • Air Quality improvements and Climate
    resilience for existing buildings, including
    new construction
  • Required tech infrastructure
  • Campus security
  • HVAC and Mechanical/Electrical/
    Plumbing Upgrades (includes focus on
    green technology and renewable energy)

Renovating the 1959 Ashland Middle School campus to meet 21st Century learning needs was a priority for the Ashland community.

The Ashland Middle School project consisted of modernizing an existing 83,428 sf campus, including a conversion of a small gym into a new library media center, a seismic retrofit of the middle school gym, and a new 6th grade wing which includes general education, special education, and CTE learning spaces. Although the renovation of the existing facilities presented many challenges with the mechanical system upgrades, the remodel approach allowed the school to maintain a “mid-century” feel that was embraced by the client and defined the success of the project. This was accomplished, in part, by exposing the infrastructure and revealing existing T&G ceilings previously hidden by acoustic panels.

Inclusivity was a primary focus for the AMS core team. One example of this is the addition of a special education suite which includes multiple classrooms and offices with a designated calming space, private restrooms, and secure outdoor learning area. Another example is the centralized covered courtyard at the heart of the campus. This courtyard features reclaimed wood-beam benches serving as teaching stairs and skateboard-friendly elements for diverse outdoor activities. The project also incorporated a leadership room with a full kitchen for student-organized events.

The upgrades spanned HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical components, introducing energy-efficient air quality improvements and climate resilience. The school received energy efficient windows, a new roof system, restrooms, and redesigned administrative spaces. Campus security and technology infrastructure were enhanced, including seismic upgrades, fire alarm and suppression systems, and parking lot improvements. This holistic approach reflects a commitment to modernization, inclusivity, and sustainability, demonstrating the project’s success in meeting diverse educational and community needs.

Commitments Made | Commitments Fulfilled

To the Ashland Community, the Ashland Public Schools District expresses their heartfelt appreciation in passing the tax levy in November 2018 enabling these dramatic improvements to the learning environment at Ashland Middle School.

“One thing I have come to believe, that the best day on a school construction project, is the first day of school. The sense of awe and amazement in the eyes of students experiencing the space for the first time is priceless. I try to be onsite to witness their response to the new spaces. It is so rewarding to see the reaction of those whom the project team has worked for 2|3 years for in building these new spaces.” | David McKay, Principal in Charge, HMK Company

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