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South Albany High School

Design process added 11,000 SF to the upper floor, including an open loft-style commons area above the cafeteria, a coffee shop run by students, and two additional classrooms.

Total Budget: $15,000,000

Final Cost: $15,000,000

Project Timeline: 14 months

Finished In:
14 months

“I’ve worked with HMK for over 10 years. During our recent $16,000,000 project, they had an attention to detail in everything: design, materials, communication, and reporting. I would never hesitate to recommend HMK to anyone who has a large-capital project."

Celebration of the project being completed

Cafeteria looking up into the new loft and common area

Newly remodeled exterior


John F. Kennedy High School

A new district office, new synthetic track, football field improvements,
and various district wide projects.

Total Budget: $10,500,000

Final Cost: $10,500,000

Project Timeline: January 2014- September 2015

Finished In:
19 months

 "HMK Company listened and had a clear understanding of our needs and values. They held all contractors accountable and kept on time and on budget"

New cafeteria and commons area

New staff offices

Seismic upgrade and gym modernization


Marion Center Modernization

Renovated main entrance, modernized employee offices, and added a new
learning center with meeting rooms to accommodate 500 people

Total Budget: $6,100,000

Final Cost: $6,100,000

Project Timeline: May 2016- November 2016

Finished In: 6 months

"Even with an aggressive schedule, HMK Company was committed to finishing our project on time and on budget. We greatly appreciated their consistent and open communication during the entire project."

Renovated front entrance

Staff cafeteria with full functioning kitchen

Conference room

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